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What???  You’re not from Florida yet???

Are you thinking of making a move to somewhere new? Ask yourself this, how was your last vacation you took to South Florida? Great, wasn’t it? Why not enjoy it year-round and permanently live here?

If you doubt why moving to South Florida is the best decision to make, we’re going to give you great insights to seal your deal and make the move as fast as possible. Stay tuned.

Unlimited recreational activities

South Florida boasts tremendous natural treasures that can just be described as “breathtaking”. It encompasses natural springs with concealed underwater caves, which is absolutely ideal for your day trip escapades. Similarly, the state features thousands and thousands of activities for the nature extraordinaire for days spent biking, hiking or bird watching.


Florida’s weather is not only unique, but it’s also a major draw to thousands of folks moving south. It’s indeed a great place to hide your head from punishing winter. The winter temperatures generally range from an average of fifty-three degrees in the northern section of the state to about sixty-eight point five degrees in the south. It’s a great haven for impressive temps, and you shouldn’t miss enjoying its incredible climatic condition.

No income tax

The entire state of Florida is one of the seven states in the U.S with no state income tax, which could translate into more cash in your pocket. While other states collect up to 10 percent in state income tax, the state of Florida is the people’s champion when it comes to keeping more out of what you’ve toiled hard to earn in the right place.

Quality of life

Florida’s exceptional weather, unlimited recreational offerings and low cost of living create the much-desired quality of life. The state boasts natural and untamed beauty, and, coupled with the Sunshine State’s new master-planned communities and first-rate health care facilities, Florida scores high marks from various media sources—including CNN and Money.

Job opportunities

In 2014, the rate of unemployment in Florida was reported at 6.1 percent, while it was 8.3 percent in Philadelphia during the same period when statistics was taken. From these figures, you’ll realize that Florida boasts a low rate of unemployment even compared to the national average of 65%. A recent study that was carried by Wells Fargo placed Florida first in the nation when it comes to potential new job growth.

Low cost of living

The high cost of living experienced in some northern cities drive many families towards the south, probably to seek for greener pastures. For instance, according to statistics unveiled by Nerdwallet.com, the overall cost of living in Jacksonville, Fla. is about 58% lower compared to the cost of living in New York City. Ostensibly, one of the greatest challenges many families have been housing.

While the average cost of a new home in Boston can go up to $491,000, according to bankrate.com, the same house in South Florida is less than half this price. So, add this to the fact that there’s no state income tax in Florida, and you’ll believe that purchasing a new home in South Florida can make a lot of sense—particularly in terms of financial expenditure and savings.

Rich, diverse culture and varying landscapes

It goes without question that Florida’s rich and diverse culture, as well as varying landscapes, make it easy for you to take a memorable weekend vacation. Florida boasts rich and diverse culture that gives everyone a unique (and rare) opportunity to grow and prosper.

Florida is vast. In fact, it’s so vast that an entire four or five-hour drive will just get you from the shores of Miami Beach to the Disney World in Orlando, and that is only navigating a small section of the state. Its varying landscapes will make you think and feel as though you’re in an entirely different world— which is indeed a wonderful thing.

Rainstorms rarely last longer than a couple of hours in Florida

Florida’s weather can simply be described as “unpredictable”. At one point, you could be enjoying the sun, and the next you will be looking for a nice shelter to avoid the pouring rain. However, the good news is that rains in Florida don’t last long.

Rainstorms are typically a result of intense heat that builds up over the Everglades, which usually result in afternoon downpours. After a couple of hours, though, the sun will be shining again.


If you’ve made up your mind to ultimately move to South Florida, it would be prudent for you to choose a decent moving company to do the entire task for you. A good moving company will have a skilled and experienced team to help ensure your next move is nothing but success.

A moving company will help you with the packing, lifting, loading, moving and unpacking at a reasonable cost. Therefore, always try to hire a moving company rather than doing it yourself. Remember, a moving company is not only cost effective, but it’s also efficient when it comes to executing the best job you can trust.