Well, you have come to the right place. Here are some great pointers on how to sell your house fast and still get a great price.

Especially if you are a first timer, selling your house can be a very daunting experience if you do not have the correct guidance, knowledge and representation. There comes a time when for one reason or the other, you need your house that is on sale to move fast; sometimes even as fast as possible. Below are some of the factors that will greatly determine whether you achieve a sale within just a small duration of time or not.

The market survey first – You will need information about the current housing market as much as you can have. This may include a list of designs in the neighborhood or nearby locations, what those houses go for regarding rent and sale price, what and how much is involved in the selling process and more of such details. You can get this information online, from print media, consultants, and real estate agents.

Is the house in good shape? – “depersonalizing” the house; for instance, if you still reside there, try keeping personal stuff such as wall photos away.Very few people will agree to buy a house that is not in good condition. Doing the necessary repairs, renovations, repainting, and other types of upgrades will increase the chances of getting a willing buyer. You should also consider “depersonalizing” the house; for instance, if you still reside there, try keeping personal stuff such as wall photos away.

How do you sell? – In the real estate and housing business, this is where most house sellers fail to achieve a quick sale. The strategy you use for selling the house will in a huge way determine how fast it moves. Making use of the best realtors in your area will always prove beneficial, regardless of some commissions that they charge for the service. Advertising on internet platforms and multimedia is also quite crucial. There are also online sites where you can have your property listed, some of which free while others will cost you some subscription fee.

Have proper documents ready – . It is so hard to get a quick sale on your house if you don’t have the proper documents at hand. As much as you have good realtors who might assist you with some of your paperwork, there are those crucial ownership papers that you have to see that they are processed fast, preferably even before you place your house out there in the market for the highest bidder. Land title deeds and other proofs of entitlement will have to be produced in good time for you to part the buyers’ money.

for sale by owner
for sale by owner

Pricing it right – In this time and age, the housing and real estate property business is quite competitive. An overpriced house is more likely to stay on sale for a longer duration of time, regardless of other factors. On the other hand, a low price tag on your house will not automatically mean that it will be up for grabs as much as it will attract customers more. You see, under pricing your home is more likely to give a negative impression to a potential buyer, whereby they have to satisfy their curiosity by investigating and scrutinizing the house deeper before they can make a decision to buy.


An alternative solution – However, aside from trying to sell your house for sale by owner, the other proven way would be to sell it to one of those companies that buy houses. They will buy your house fast in its as is condition. There are usually no fees involved, and they will pay typically for all of the closing costs too.

So, instead of listing your home with a real estate agent, or trying to sell your home FSBO, consider selling it to one of those “We Buy Houses” types of companies.